Tyson Clarke is a strong minded executive business coach, sales trainer, inventor, and software developer.


Using his background in psychology and sales training; Tyson works with pharmacy groups to remove prominent obstacles to increased sales in the current cultural climate.

Tyson has increased retail sales in pharmacies by an average of 14%; with retail profits increasing an average of 10%, and subscription to membership programs by over 100% – simply by adding scalable accountability, focused optimization, and by using his patented Voice Operated software: Voista.

With a background in semi-professional and intercollegiate team sport; Tyson loves anything to do with teamwork and leadership; disciplined, focused training toward excellence; and yelling at his TV when the Golden State Warriors play terrible defence.

Tyson lives in Cairns with his better half, Samara Clarke and his greatest teachers on psychology and humanity; his children Jaida and Jaeger.

To speak with how Tyson can improve your groups sales today, get a hold of him at

[email protected]