Cultural Facilitation

Australian Pharmacy is changing, it is difficult to argue otherwise.

From a cultural change and personality strength perspective; it is an absolute perfect storm. Thousands of leaders who are required by law to be pharmacists; a majority of which are being cornered into a ‘Service/Sales Model‘. If you think about the strengths of being a great pharmacist, versus the strengths of being a great salesperson – you get a glimpse of the severity of the situation.

As well as changing the culture toward these philosophies; pharmacies need to grow their leaders and be profitable. It’s a big ask, but we’ve found a way to do it.

By combining a method of strict accountability, allowing the pharmacists creativity, and correctly facilitating team leader conversations with Tyson’s cultural change experience; we’ve seen stores pick up profits on focus products by 86% on average.

This is the most challenging, and rewarding work that I do in pharmacy. I get to see the leaders grow their leadership and self expression skills, and we see a lot of personal strengths and weaknesses out in the open – profiting all the while! It’s hard work, but to see the leaders grow at the same time as ttyson head onlyhe profits; it combines everything that I love about business. 


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In a business environment of unrelenting change, where the future is uncertain; where there is no road map and where the status quo is not an option, businesses need the services of a culture change consultant/coach who is courageous and who is willing to face the challenges of change as they navigate the future in collaboration with their clients.

Tyson Clarke exemplifies these characteristics as a culture change consultant. To each assignment he brings

  •  An ability to detect the early warning signs of change
  • His a strong commitment to build, collaboratively, the business case for change
  • The courage to challenge the status quo while keeping the business focused on the main game, the long term profitability and viability of the business.Lyn mug

In my extensive experience of being a change consultant I can see Tyson possesses the courage, commitment and competence  to engage your people in the change process and inspire them to  even greater levels of performance’

Lyn Thiele

Cultural Change Consultant