Since we started working with Tyson, our retail items per transaction has increased 14%, and our membership enrollment has more than doubled.

More importantly, he worked with us to install a platform of excellence in our business. We can take from our best performers, and deliver those methods to the rest of the stores. Part of that is Voista, the other part is understanding how our teams work so it’s easier to actually get them to do it with greater leadership skills.

We are clawing back the profit lost in scripts, and have systems in in place to continue growing the retail side of our business.

Investing in Clarke & Associates has yielded a 280% ROI, and that yield continues to work for us. Working with Tyson has been a great investment for our group.

matthew face

Matthew Calanna,

General Manager

Calanna Pharmacy Group



I say this all the time, but Tyson has definitely provided us with some sanity over the past year or so. He has helped us to break down our sales into bite sized chunks, and worked out a better way to communicate and implement ‘Total Solutions’, batestsed on what we were good at already. He focuses on relationships first, and has become a good friend.

He has a strong understanding of personality and leadership, and he leverages his own strengths very well.

Tyson is extremely committed to results, and he has always measured his success by how much we (CPG) has increased profits. The energy, commitment and dedication to my profits is refreshing.

Aswell as his work on our profits, he has worked with our leaders and teams as a coach, helped us to identify some of the areas we need work on, and created sustainable programs and content to keep us focused on becoming a growth culture.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tyson, or his products to any pharmacy group.

Mario Calanna,

Chief Executive Officer,

Calanna Pharmacy Group.